The Foyer - Mudlark Millinery

Hang your hat in the Foyer and let Wilamina Wormwood fit you with one of her fine millinery creations.

Inspired by literary characters, historical costume design, and fantasy, Wilamina Wormwood creates distinct and cohesive Mudlark Millinery collections with historical flair. To create the theatrical genre of each collection, the Assemblage tells the story with textures, treasures, and color treatments of found artifacts and botanicals.

From Steampunk inspired Hallowsteam Works, to Mudlark Mirth, take the Crone Road to Mourning Meadow and stop at Potter's Promenade. Using reclaimed vintage or wool felt blanks redesigned and perhaps pepple-dashed into a new House of Wormwood creation, these millinery marvels are just a few of Wilamina Wormwood's unique and inspired Collections.