Wilamina Wormwood is the creative force behind the House of Wormwood and is the alter ego of designer M.S. Rice. A storyteller with an explicit eye for detail and drama, Wilamina Wormwood encapsulates the theatrical aesthetic of the Mudlark, the scavenger that finds purpose in discarded treasures, breathing new life into abandoned bits with joie-de-vivre. A true Rag and Bone Crone, her works are created to evoke the romance of the past, while appreciating the rough & grimy undersurface that people in history constantly struggled to endure. Whether her creations be new or redesigned, Wilamina Wormwood tells a story provocative and inspired.

All works seen here are copyrighted by M.S. Rice, Wilamina Wormwood, and The House of Wormwood as an "extension of oneself and of one's personality" and are therefore intellectual property. Inspiration may get creative juices flowing; however, please refrain from the unethical copying of works, titles, collections, or techniques without written consent or permission. Essentially, the artistic community thrives when those within it respectfully honor their colleagues' creations without plagiarizing.