Welcome to the New Site!

I cannot tell you how excited I am at the launch of this new website! Four designers and 11 years later it is finally HERE!

It would not be possible without the tremendous support and hard work from my Wormie friend Helena Hemlock (Danielle Neils) whose eye for detail and composition is truly amazing! She continued to put me at ease during this process by "visually" finishing my sentences! Seriously, I am so thrilled to have found someone who is completely on the same page as me and understands my aesthetic! Great job Helena!

Look for her own launch on my Friends page as she will be starting a web-design business!

Some fun little factoids:

The Wilamina Wormwood photo shoot happened during a torrential downpour one Saturday afternoon in St. Helena!

Talia Toadweed (Tanya Anguita) took these amazingly wonderful photos and Helena Hemlock was the prop mistress and umbrella holder. Everyone did a fantastic job!

Thanks girls!