Happy New Year 2012!

Wilamina Wormwood is gearing up, digging deep and rooting out events from Coast to Coast! Wishing to expand travels for Millinery Mayhem, Steampunk Exhibitions, Balls and Art Exhibitions on the East Coast and even London are looking very promising!

More Magic! LeakyCon and Ascendio are back to back Harry Potter Conventions in Orlando & Chicago this year! Go Windy City - time for some serious broom flying!

On the Washwares and Wickwares front: Redesigning and bringing back the original Seven Deadly Sins Satchel, comprised of single-note swirly soaps with sin-formation on each band, will surely tweak temptations!

The Bohemian Absinthe Bar (Wermod Noir) was a HUGE hit at The Great Dickens Christmas Faire this last year, so it will become a new addition to the House of Wormwood’s Workhouse Washwares Collection! This swirled soap of pale green and black, captures the true scent blend of the wormwood plant. Light licorice with a dark woodsy twist & super subtle citrus notes, creates a euphoric blend for an out of this world bathing experience!

Not sure if this will become a Wickware yet... jury still out on that one!

Along with heading to the Windy City of Chicago for LeakyCon 2012, Wilamina will be packing her trunks and do-dads for some really great shows this year: Bats Day Black Market, Maker Faire, and the Faerieworlds Festival. Come see the fastastical new creations of Wilamina Wormwood!