Dickens Faire is Coming!

Make your way through Fagan's Alley to the House of Wormwood's Workhouse Washwares!

Located just where bath products are needed most, this seedy shop is stocked with the new Workhouse Washwares Collection of handcrafted bath & skin care products, from Wilamina Wormwood and her crew of workhouse miscreants.

Using only the finest oils & botanicals to create wonderful seasonal & exotic scent blends, these recipes include a wide variety of Olive Oyle, Sea-Salt and Shea Butter Soappes, the ever popular Powder Finish Lotion, special skin treatments, and accessories all to transform even the worst canker on the body social into a shining example of social grace!

The collection also offers Workhouse Wickwares to help light your way thru London’s drier neighborhoods and scent your home with lovely fragrance throughout the year!

Seasonal Soappe Sampling, Gift Baskets, and for those who have been naughty on your list, the Dickensian Chimney Sweep’s Coal bundles are sure to get those dirty buggers clean!

Pre-season ordering is ideal for pick up at the show!